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Tami Mulcahy



Fans describe her voice as “simply beautiful”. It draws you in and the words take over. “Superb! Lovely! Moving, evocative” says Bay Area artist manager Miles Hurwitz. Listen carefully and you will hear shades of Joni Mitchell and the organic flavoring of Shawn Colvin and David Gray.

Mulcahy delivers story telling at its best. From the dramatic war tribute, Lucky Forward, to the joyful Cognac with Dessert, lyrical detail paints a perfect picture. With each song, Mulcahy finds a path to a signature positive, inspiring message.

Currently writing and recording with 2 time Emmy producer, Ron Alan Cohen, Mulcahy has just released her Human to Human EP. Prior releases include her California Weather EP with an overall feel good west coast vibe…sun roof back, driving down the road. California Weather was recorded with Los Angeles based producer Richard Harris who’s Billboard and TV successes are too long to list. Tami has also recorded with 2 time Grammy producer Enrique Gonzalez Muller, Grammy pre-telecast music director Larry Batiste.

Personal history now to then:

Based 45 minutes south of San Francisco, I regularly trek up to Marin writing and recording with producer, Ron Alan Cohen. Ron and I met judging a West Coast Songwriters (WCS) song showcase and hit it off. Our focus on TV and film subtly changes how I write and record. Ron is a terrific mentor and cowriter. It’s been a very productive year. 

My California Weather EP was recorded with Los Angeles based producer Richard Harris who came into my life through WCS. Full of positive energy, support and ideas, he took 4 great songs and made them great recordings. Thank you Richard for being you! I only wish I lived closer. 

Lucky Forward started with inspiration from my Uncle and a huge debt I feel to our veterans. The CD was recorded in part with 2 time Grammy producer Enrique Gonzalez Muller, Grammy pretelecast music director Larry Batiste and multi instrumentalist Kevin Harris.

I’ve always loved the writing process. But my first CD White Wall forced me to the stage. I went from tiny venues to opening act at the Mountain Winery in one summer..whew! At the same time, my two kids were in grade school. Call it curiosity, I explored teaching songwriting, eventually writing with hundreds of kids in grades 2-6th. The kids provided lyrical innocence and depth that made my jaw drop at times. The compilation of songs became the Kids Rock Project! The song Welcome to the World went on to be used in an independent video that won the Panasonic New Vision Award. 

I got to California as a new grad Physical Therapist from the University of Texas and landed at Stanford Hospital. Through the local music scene I found the West Coast Songwriters. It was my university for music. I am now a past President of the WCS Board of Directors and stay involved.

The musical thread runs deep. My father sang in the Navy choir and was honored to do a solo performance of The Lord’s Prayer for Eleanor Roosevelt. My Great Aunt was the conductor of a huge church orchestra and choir. My cousin, Lynwood King Jr., is a stunning guitarist. My brother taught me a few guitar chords when I was 8 and the rest is "runs in the blood" self-taught history.






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