From the recording Recent Singles

Look within to find strength and the greater you. The past is the past. Move on from it to be what you want to be and determine your life. Let go of fear that holds you back and accept mistakes will be made.  Mistakes hurt but that's how lessons are learned. And one day you arrive.


Baby steps, one at a time
I am here standing a step behind
Take the rail with a firm grip
Face the climb
Fierce and deliberate
The past is the past
It doesn’t define you
If you choose to
Fall up the stairs
Get one step closer
Get up and fall up the stairs again
If that’s what it takes
That’s what you do
Don’t just stand there
Fall up the stairs
Demons call from in the attic
Steal yourself! Don’t go there!
Crack a window, breathe
Blow the roof off
Fly out if you dare
The voices in your head
Lose control of you                       
When you choose too          
Chorus repeat
No destination
But one day you arrive
You’ll look around and
The world feels more alive
This is you
This is you
If you want to
Chorus Repeat
                                                                        ©Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen

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