1. Kahana Sand

From the recording California Weather EP

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Kahana Sand

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You sit there in your beach chair
Drinking a pog and rum
I sit here in my beach chair
Thinking you might get me another one
Cause I’m busy reading my trashy novel
Supervising pails and shovels
Oh, Bury me in the Kahana Sand
Let me forever hear my children playing
Where the waves break on the coral reef
And the palm fronds gently swaying
It’s no chores, sunscreen wars
Bodies flying in the surf
The red flag is raising the guard
And I’m just praying nobody gets hurt
And as the sun dips down behind Lanai
The low of conch shell bids goodbye
Chorus repeat
Oh Mahalo Maui
Your Ohana lives in me
As I look across this channel
And think of waters we have crossed
We have fought against the current
Nearly drown in pride and in loss
But we kept our heads above water
To find ourselves, to find each other
Rich in family and friends
Where all other cares drift away on the trade winds
Chorus repeat

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