WHAAAT? You've never been to a House Concert!

Music is ALIVE! in a room or backyard. Defined as a true listening environment, when the music starts, crowd silence is golden. Bring wine, make new friends, hear new artists and support musicians to make a living doing what they were meant to do...MUSIC!!!

^Matt Szlachetka                                                           ^Matt Brown and JD Eicher


^Jonah Smith                                                               ^Nicole Maguire

^Megan Slankard                                                               ^Tami Mulcahy

^The Jacob Jeffries Band                                               ^Carsie Blanton

^The Novelists                                                             ^Roem Baur

^Monica Pasqual & the Handsome Brunettes                   ^Teniea

^Jeff Campbell                                                           ^Tami Mulcahy

South Bay House Concerts Karmina, Laney Jones, Sierra Hull, Korby Lenker, Jackie Bristow, AJ Lee and Blue Summit, Jamie Kent, Kat McDowell, Tom Rhodes, RyanHood, Dear John Love Renee, Evie Laden, and the list goes on......


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