From the recording PART OF THE SOLUTION

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Plastic in our oceans started this song. BLM carried it forward. Part of the Solution is a call for us to look around our communities, get involved, start small, just start somewhere. Together we can tackle fundamental challenges! It’s time to learn, evolve and be better humans and never, ever lose sight of hope.


It’s OK to be a pebble making a small ring
Big things don’t start big but in little beginnings
There are so many mountains to move and it takes many hands

Turn word into deed
Be the water to the seed
Break bread with new friends
Move those mountains

Part of the Solution
Is to get up off my butt
Take some action
Or shut my mouth up
I can be a complainer
Or make a contribution
I am part of the problem or
Part of the Solution

Rage is like lightening waiting on a thunderbolt
Silence is deafening in the moments before it explodes
Then there’s no going back cause all the world heard the call for change

Level out the playing field
For every human on the color wheel

Chorus repeat

I’m learning
I think that’s what it takes
Open up our eyes
Let’s go beyond divide
We’ll define our lives
In the light of hope

Join the conversation
Make a contribution
We’re part of the problem or
Part of the Solution
Be the light

©Tami Mulcahy/Ron Alan Cohen ASCAP

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