1. Water Me Down

From the recording Lucky Forward

I've always loved this song but felt the original version lacked something,  When I revisited it, I finally had an "aha" moment.  Then it all came together.  Thank you to the masterful Enrique for making it even more playful...was that water bottles you were playing?


We are born into this world  
With a certain disposition
To live our lives a certain way
It makes the world go around  
And calls to question who we are
And hard to get along from day to day
Ask me who I am and I’ll tell I’m a work in progress       
I will spend my life smoothing out rough edges  
I’m a changing picture and I’m not looking for a frame
It’s hard to love someone like that but love me just the same
Don’t Water Me Down
I want to live in full color
Free to fly
Free to fall
Free to laugh
And cry at it all
And I will drown    
If you Water Me Down   
I’m not saying I can’t love you like I should
But a bird in a cage might as well be made of wood
I’m afraid of losing me if I give all my heart
And find our lives so close we can’t tell us apart
Chorus repeat
I need air to breathe
I need room to run
I want to stand in my own light
Under your same sun
Chorus repeat

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