From the recording Lucky Forward

Each August for 25 years we go camping up at Salt Point in Northern California.  This song is a longtime favorite around the campfire and especially sentimental to me now.  It is dedicated to to abalone Dan and the Salt Point family.
The intro, Walk a Hundred Highways, is a piece of a song my brother, Dwight King, used to play.  Abalone Dan would always ask me to sing it but I never knew more than what is recorded on this track.  I took the liberty to play around with the chords and build it into the beginning of Springtime Rose.


I’d walk a hundred highways
Chase rainbows in the sky
And I’d walk a hundred miles in the snow
Cause I know deep down inside of me
You’re the one I love
And I’d walk a hundred miles to let you know
It’s cold in the north and the winters rolling in
I feel something strange happening within
Maybe it’s you or maybe it’s the snow
Or maybe it’s the cold inside of me that has to go
But don’t you worry about me my love
Don’t you worry
Don’ you even shed a tear before I go
I’m headin down south for the winter for awhile
I’ll be back home before the the
Blooming of the first Springtime Rose
Well life in the city’s got me frazzled and beat
I need a taste of country air to get back on my feet
It’s more than just time away its spending time alone
And when I’ve gathered up my soul I’ll be headin home
I love you my dear, I’ll never love another
I’m not running from you I’m running from life
I’ve seen all my dreams be weathered and tron
I need a place to hide away where I’ll be safe and warm
So don’t….
Don’t you ….
©Tami Mulcahy

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