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Out of My Reach

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Out of My Reach
This is a cold I cannot withstand
I will the wind to cease
I’m here alone in this coral sand
Longing for stillness and peace
I look to the horizon
Where the ocean is unconquerable
And any sense of my control is 
Out of My Reach
There is a sadness inside of you
It reads like a tragic script                              
Over and over the scenes are replayed
And you never break free of its grip
Prayers for redemption
Prose full of dreams and regret
Ring hollow when the poet is
Out of My Reach
And the waves crash 
Again, and again
And you call from the undertow                                
I rush in 
I always do                    
But this time I choose to let go
I don’t want a life where I catch my breath
I want a life where I breathe  
Where love and forgiveness 
No longer remain
Out of My Reach
Out of My Reach
Love and forgiveness no longer remain 
Out of My Reach
Out of My Reach
©Tami Mulcahy ASCAP

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