From the recording Lucky Forward

I think this one speaks for itself and it's never been more real than now.


Went to visit my grandma
Heard she was feeling a little low
Her age was really showing
God it’s hard to get old
We walked in her garden
Said anything that came to mine
We held hands and laughed a lot
Then the time came to go
I’d love you to stay
But oh, the young are always eager to be on their way
The older I get, I sing a different tune
Seems I’m always saying
For me and my boy
This was quite a big day
I poured two cups of coffee
And thought of what I’d say
Then he stood in the doorway
Car keys in his hand
He said everything I need for school
Is packed up in the van
Chorus repeat
It’s easier to let go when there’s so much time ahead
And harder when the memories out weight
The moments we have left
Chorus repeat
 ©Tami Mulcahy

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