1. When I Grow Up

From the recording Kids Rock Project

The 5th grade kids said they wanted to write a song about the Olympics and Sept 11th. Tall order but we did it. This is dedicated to the hero in all of us.


When I was little the world seemed so big                       
And so were my dreams of what I would become           
An Olympian
Caught in the perfect moment                       
A fireman saving lives                                                           
What would it be like
To stand in their shoes                       
To be a hero           
When I Grow Up
I want to be
What it is I’m meant to be
I’m gonna write my own story
When I grow up
I want to be
Those childhood dreams are harder than they seem            
We wake to face our strengths and weaknesses               
Make mistakes
Fall down and come back stronger
Lean on those we love
For inspiration
But only I can choose
The road to follow
Chorus Repeat
When push comes to shove, I will do my part
A hero is someone who becomes the best of who they are

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