From the recording Kids Rock Project

We were driving in the car one day when out of the blue my 8 year old son says, Mommy do we live in a one story house.  I laughed and said, Yes...But it has lots of stories to tell.


I live in a One Story House
With lots of stories to tell
Mildred and Ben lived in it back when
There were fields of orchards and horse drawn carriages
And water came from a water well
Just before we moved in
I found a chest on the floor
Mom cried when she realized
It had Mildred's dance card from 1938
And Ben's Purple Heart from the World War
They're kids came one day to clear everything out
And with the last box on the truck 
They looked back at this house and bowed
We painted my room blue
With clouds above my head
I remember when my baby sister
Took her first steps and I got my first bike
And we buried our dog behind the shed
These halls hold histoy
A treasure of memories
From every face in black and white
To every word of hope and love
From every shingle upon the roof
To every tear drop that fell
I live in a One Story House
With lots of stories to tell

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