From the recording Kids Rock Project

One of my favorites sayings -Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  Written after the first CD was relesaed, this song is not mastered but it deserves to be here.


Standing in the outfield sweating myself a river
My feet are frozen like a block of cement
I put up my glove and over my head 
The ball goes and there the game went
Yeh, we lost 4-3  
All because of me 
(But with) A Hop, Skip and a Jump
That’s the way I take my lumps
Roll with the punches, face the day 
With a Hop, Skip and a Jump
On the road of life it’s just a little bump
With a Hop, Skip and a Jump
I’m on my way
I looked down at the ground and fought back the tears  
And swore I’d never let that happen again
But all my coach said just keep thinking positive
It does the trick nine times out of ten.
Yeh, it’s too bad we lost
Now you gotta shake it off
Chorus repeat   (with)
I’ll never know my weaknesses 
If I never lose
It can get me down or I can try harder
It’s up to me to choose
Chorus repeat (with) 

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