1. Go Out Walking

From the recording Kids Rock Project

Thank you to Ian Crombie of the West Coast Songwriters for pulling this song together and for all his time to record the kids involved in the Kids Rock Project.  Couldn't have done it without you.


Jimmy was my best friend
But he won’t hang with me anymore
Got himself a new best friend now
He calls me names and I don’t know what for
Said I was a metal mouth slow poke 
Nobody treats me like that 
I’d like to give a shove 
And make him take it all back
But I Go Out Walking
Go Out Walking
When my feet hit the ground
I cool down
When I Go Out Walking
Go Out Walking
I think I might explode
If tomorrow he does it again
And find myself saying bad stuff back
But I don’t want to be like him 
Yeh, I’m slow and maybe I’m different 
That shouldn’t matter at all
I like who I am
And I can learn to stand tall
Chorus repeat
I hear my other friends playing
And think about what I feel
Spend some time alone and find
It’s no big deal

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