1. Give Some Back

From the recording Kids Rock Project

This is the second song I wrote with kids...a group of 80 third graders. It's a very powerful piece. I knew it the moment I finished it. I had the honor to sing Give Some Back under the stars to an audience of 500 in support of a sustainable living and ecological program in our area. This song is a premiere example of what kids can come up with.  Be sure to check out the powerful ending!


Dad and I just couldn’t wait
Had our fishin’ poles and bucket of bait
Trout were biting so fast it was hard to keep up
Some were big and some were small
Dad said we can’t keep them all
Between the two of us there’s more than enough
Give Some Back
Some of it’s yours
Some of it’s mine
Some of it we’ll leave
For another time
Imagine a world
Where we all did that
Take what we need and
Give Some Back
On our way hiking home
We looked out over the land we own
He said, it’s more than one family can use
We could keep it all to ourselves
Or share some of this incredible wealth
If it were up to you, what would you choose?
Chorus repeat
That’s how my Dad left his mark
They put a statue of him in the park
On the bottom there’s a plaque that reads
Life’s too short for greed
Chorus repeat

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