Magic and Mystery

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Tami Mulcahy


In a church or in a redwood grove, this is a simple wedding song for friends on their special day.  It was written so long ago.  I can't change the recording but I wish I could change the chorus lyrics to reflect my deep belief and respect for all love between humans.


Eyes that know in an instant

Hearts that touch each others souls


When we leave our lives open to love

Something happens out of our control



The magic is not knowing why

The mystery is not knowing how

But it’s written by God

In an age old plan

The Magic and Mystery

Of woman and man


Now we stand here, face to face

Let all who witness see


This pledge is made of our own free will

For we believe this was meant to be


Chorus repeat



With this ring the vow shall not be broken

All the angels sing when heaven has spoken


Chorus repeat

©Tami Mulcahy

Magic and Mystery - Lucky Forward

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