Others and Oldies

by Tami Mulcahy

Some of these are included on the Lucky Forward Album but some are notable oldies that have stood the test of time.
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    In Good Faith

    In all honesty what I feel for you scares me

    I know it’s a part of when dreams come true

    The weight of such a blessing

    And all my expectations

    I only pray I can live up too



    I will love you In Good Faith

    You will never have to question this vow I make

    That every moment from now until always

    I will love you In Good Faith


    I’m wise enough to know I will learn as we go

    But I don’t turn my back on my mistakes

    Whatever I do wrong

    I will make right

    There’s no room for pride with so much at stake


    Chorus repeat



    From the very heart and soul of me

    With all that I am and that all I will be


    Chorus repeat



    I will...

    You can count on it 

    © Tami Mulcahy

    In Good Faith - Lucky Forward

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    Leaving So Soon

    Went to visit my grandma

    Heard she was feeling a little low

    Her age was really showing

    God it’s hard to get old


    We walked in her garden

    Said anything that came to mine

    We held hands and laughed a lot

    Then the time came to go




    I’d love you to stay

    But oh, the young are always eager to be on their way

    The older I get, I sing a different tune

    Seems I’m always saying



    For me and my boy

    This was quite a big day

    I poured two cups of coffee

    And thought of what I’d say


    Then he stood in the doorway

    Car keys in his hand

    He said everything I need for school

    Is packed up in the van


    Chorus repeat



    It’s easier to let go when there’s so much time ahead

    And harder when the memories out weight

    The moments we have left


    Chorus repeat


     ©Tami Mulcahy

    Leaving So Soon - Lucky Forward

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    Magic and Mystery

    Eyes that know in an instant

    Hearts that touch each others souls


    When we leave our lives open to love

    Something happens out of our control



    The magic is not knowing why

    The mystery is not knowing how

    But it’s written by God

    In an age old plan

    The Magic and Mystery

    Of woman and man


    Now we stand here, face to face

    Let all who witness see


    This pledge is made of our own free will

    For we believe this was meant to be


    Chorus repeat



    With this ring the vow shall not be broken

    All the angels sing when heaven has spoken


    Chorus repeat

    ©Tami Mulcahy

    Magic and Mystery - Lucky Forward

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    Just A Kiss

    Mama would run down the hall answering my screams

    With a washcloth and a band-aid and a little bit of cream


    Oh, the tears would flow

    But she would know

    The perfect remedy

    For a little skinned knee (was)



    Just A Kiss

    Make it all better

    Just A Kiss

    Take away the hurt

    And it only worked

    Cause I believed

    In the magic of

    Just A Kiss


    Look at us, throwing sticks and stones at each other

    All grown up, acting more like children than lovers


    We don’t laugh anymore

    Such a serious bore

    But back when we were young

    Making up was fun (with)


    Chorus repeat



    Live in the moment

    Learn to let go

    Oh, lesson of love

    We learned long ago (when)


    Chorus repeat

    ©Tami Mulcahy


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    Jackson was born in Southern Mississippi

    Finished eighth grade by the skin of his teeth

    He always seemed angry inside

    Something about him just wasn’t right


    He got work whenever he could

    Somehow he couldn’t quite do what he should

    Folks said he was going nowhere fast

    Such a shame to be born like that


    Cause Jackson was as good

    As any man can be

    But Jackson couldn’t read


    If you said right, he went left

    He never made sense of the alphabet

    The world was inside out and upside down

    Til he met a man who turned his life around


    A lot of hard work and a whole lot of help

    He came to believe in himself

    Turned out he was smart all along

    He proved the folks at home all wrong


    Cause Jackson was as good

    As any man can be

    But Jackson couldn’t read


    And he vowed to give thanks by giving something back

    To children in need slipping through the cracks


    Cause Jackson was as good

    As any man can be

    But Jackson couldn’t read


    Now Jackson is a teacher in Southern Mississippi

    ©Tami Mulcahy

    Jackson - Lucky Forward

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