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  ...ask me who I am and I'll tell you I'm a work in progress...(Water Me Down)


Stay young! Stay fresh! Stay hopeful! Age does not define me. I define my age. I embraced my 60’s with “the year of saying YES”! The result - an upcoming new EP, several new singles, an expanded creative community and greater focus on my trifecta.

  • Music -  writing, recording and sharing it with you.
  • House Concerts - building a regional fan base and host network to support artists. 
  • The Environment - because the earth deserves a little humanity. 

   That’s my short story! I am far from done!! (For the long story...) 

News -

Another new single - Ron Cohen and I add "I Let Go" to our list of co-writes. At a writing conference, the instructor had us write on a small piece of paper, the word that best defines what holds us back. Then, one by one, we each walked to the fireplace and tossed the paper in the fire. You'll hear that story in this song of empowerment and strength. 

The California Weather EP is a four song collection produced by the ever positive Richard Harris in Los Angeles. What can I say...I love where I live. The flavor is west coast, feel good, uplifting and of course, love. California Weather, This Is It, Leaving LA, PlayHouse


Tami Mulcahy Music Sampler


Some Pain honors the One Billion Rising movement. Set to a collage of Facebook pics from their events around the world, it tells the compelling story of the fight to end violence against women, the power of coming together in a unified voice and resilience. 


Lucky Forward - a tribute to the Great Generation and to all our veterans!