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Busy working on what's next, playing but especially supporting musicians in making a living in music.  Join me in that support by joining my new venture, South Bay House Concerts.

News -   Announcing the launch of South Bay House Concerts, a meetup group aimed at building the musical network from South San Francisco on through San Jose.  The goal is to connect existing "true listening environments", develop more and provide more opportunities for artists to share their music with fans who love live small venue music. 

New Song - Kahana Sand!   It's a healthy start to recording a long to do list.  Mahalo to the island of Maui for an endless supply of memories.  Producer - Adam Rossi - AR Studios in San Francisco!

In honor of One Billion Rising:  Creativity moves in mysterious ways.  After attending a V day celebration I found myself perusing One Billion Rising Facebook pages from around the world.  I'd been wanting to put together a video for my song Some Pain and all of a sudden there it was...the inspiration, right in front of me.



Big or Small Events, contact me.  Have a concert in your home.  Invite friends for an evening of music.  I especially love tailored shows, ones that combine conversation and luncheons, writer events, rotary club or business meetings, etc. Careful thought is given to how the presentation will complement the theme.  

Lucky Forward is launched with four songs produced by Grammy producer Enrique Gonzalez Muller.   Also...the sentimental favorite, Springtime Rose, produced by Kevin Harris with Marty Atkinson on background vocals.
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House concerts…Build the audience!    House concerts are a throw back to the day when you sat around with 25 of your friends and shared your music.   House concerts are not new but they continue to grow as the... (read on...)
Music is free.  So now what? 
Music is free.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  Recently I lamented the direction music is heading when someone made no bones in pointing out it’s not headed in that direction.  Music is free…now! (read on...)
Lucky Forward Blog...
Re-entry to civilian life long before PTSD was even a word, carrying emotional burdens without professional support, makes me wonder how soldiers went on to live a “normal” life again.  Thus the line in Lucky Forward – Where ordinary boys became heroic men,then home to lives that would never be ordinary again   (read on...)
Going Pro in Song Writing Blog...
If you watch sports, you have probably seen the TV ad “There are over 400,000 NCAA student athletes, and almost all of them will go pro in something other than sports.”  It is a powerful message that I ponder as I head in the annual “Writers Week” event at our local high school.  (read on...)
For those of you new to me or my music...Who Am I.  For aspiring writers and musicians...Write Songs. The Kids Rock Project lives just moved to what it's always been, a subset of my music.  

What is Lucky Forward?  Lucky Forward was General Patton's army slogan during WWII.  I heard this expression when my uncle passed away...or, as he would say, joined the Great Majority.  A fellow vet and rehab graduate of Walter Reed told stories.  I took notes.  Months later, the intro to this song came to me. But my Uncle was a colorful to capture it all??  One day I pulled out my notes and there at the bottom I had scribbled Lucky Forward.  I googled Lucky Forward and quickly found my way to the speech General Patton gave to the troops before the Allied Invasion.  There I found my clarity.

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